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….Monster, the horrific story.

There is a story that has been haunting me almost every day for months. It’s the story of a cat named Monster, a very sweet boy who met a very tragic end way to early.  I think it’s time I shared it with you, mainly because… Well, I don’t know.
*If you are sensitive to fairly…. descriptive things, I’d recommend not reading, or skipping a few parts.*

So first things first in this story, the clinic I work at is very…. old school. We have been trying to bring it into the 21st century, but when old guys are stuck in their ways, its hard to voice any ideas, especially when one is a young female in this work place.

A few months ago Monster come in as an emergency, he had a huge inguinal hernia, abdominal muscles were absolutely shredded, and his pancreas had- for lack of better wording here- exploded. For the benefit of those people who aren’t well versed in medical terminology, it’s when tissues in the groin push through a weak area or areas in the abdominal muscles… That combined with the tissues already having sustained major trauma already, meant is was really ugly.  

Dr. E  did really good putting this poor guy back together. Monster stayed at the clinic with us being very closely monitored- because an injury like this could easily become infected- for about a week before he was sent home. He mad amazing progress in healing and was happily eating and drinking.  Discharge instructions were to keep him on antibiotics, twice a day for another two weeks.
Not 5 damn days later, he’s back. His mom “forgot” to give him the medication. So now he has a massive infection and does not look good at all. Keep in kind, this wound is about 7in X 5in spreading a crossed his entire abdomen because…. Infection spreads like wildfire . Old school vet clinic that it is, there no wound vac, his whole abdomen is…. bad. So he gets all medicated and we keep a close eye on him.
The Day our primary vet Dr. E is leaving for vacation, he takes a turn for the worst. Because isn’t that just how life works?

Apparently no one had bothered to check on him all morning, so when afternoon shift goes in we do our normal routine of checking- I do the dogs and Jess does the cats.

 Jess comes running into the lobby freaking out because what is left of his tissue has rotted away and we can now see his insides -the terminology for something like that happening to the tissues is called slough, for anyone who cares. Seeing as Dr. E is gone, the mostly retired Dr. G is “taking care of” all Dr. E’s clients. 
*Side note that’s good to know to understand this dynamic a little bit better
Dr. G is about 150 years old, and still thinks like an old school farm vet. No care to upgrade the clinic or practice, and doesn’t keep up with new studies, medication, ways of doing anything. I’m talking file x-rays… and *Gag* carpet in the lobby. Anyway, back to our story.
Dr. G proceeds to stick his fingers in Monsters open wound and twiddle around… with clients standing there horrified watching. The screams the cat made, it was like nothing I’ve ever heard. If there is a sound I never wish to heard in my life, it’s that.

I immediately call Dr. E to see where he is and if he can just come look at kitty, and call Monsters’ mom to come down.  Meanwhile, Dr. G goes in the back and starts poking around at kitty with no anesthetic- and I mean shoving guts back and forth, and making his insides squish around, I got a really good view of his liver for a minute, that’s who bad we’re talking.

After about 10 minutes of poking Dr. E shows up and pretty much goes “Oh ew, that’s bad” and then leaves. After me basically screaming that unless this cat goes to a state of the art clinic- like the one 10 minutes from us, there’s nothing we can do to fix it. Dr. G is honest to god standing there trying to sew this poor thing back together! Infected skin to infected skin, no gloves, and manages to wrap the sutures around the intestines before the skin gives way in a horrid ripping sound that there are no word’s to describe. The whole time this cat is crying in pain BECAUSE NO ANESTHETIC!

His mom arrives and said “no, he’s in too much pain, I don’t think its fair he should go through this.” Good choice lady. As is the logical thing to do, now we’re trying to get kitty to pass on and Dr. G just left in the middle of this. Myself and two others are the only ones there, and this cat won’t jut let go! His blood pressure was so low that the solution won’t travel to his heart. It took injecting it directly to get him to pass on. We just stand there in complete and utter shock looking at this mess for a good 2 minutes before we start slowly cleaning up everything. 

So, if you’ve made it this far in my story, I am sorry if it scars you a little, but you wen’t there. I have nightmares about this. 

I think the reason I have to share this is just that; I still have nightmares about this cat. I just need to get it our of my head and on paper, well not really paper.
This is the situation that made me start questioning my job at this clinic, and ever since  I’ve just seen things get progressively worse and worse.
With as much caring as I can manage,