Picturesque little things



So, as one does trying to find inner peace for even a few moments, I’m trying to explore different options as to what makes a specific person happy. Seeing as murder is sort of frowned on, the logical answer was to try photography!

A few of my pictures make it to facebook, but most just stay on the computer. The thing I really like trying to get pictures of, even though it can be frustrating, is bugs! No idea why, it’s just a good feeling of getting that one perfectly clear picture, right before the little guy-usually- flies away.

After a crazy day dealing with people screaming at you, complete and utter chaos, and grown adults acting like children, its nice to get out in the peace and quite… more or less. The smell of fresh earth, not medical grade chemicals. The cool breeze on your face, ┬ánot the same stuffy air you’ve had to put up with because there are no windows that open. Listening to the sound of water running through the river, not the dog in kennel 4A whose been coughing up a storm all day. Feeling the tension just melt away… I don’t think there are words to do it justice.

So, in the future, when someone laughs at me again for crawling around in the dirt, nearly going backwards because I’m walking so slow looking at the plants for the perfect picture, I will just laugh along with them, because I now why I do this, and they… Don’t.

The moral to this little bit of rambling is: Do what makes you happy. No one can take the joy away from you. People may not understand and that’s okay, they don’t have to.


With love,



Blogging take 2!

I never know how to start these, so I’ll just jump right in, shall I?


My life is not exciting, cool or very fun, but I like to write to get things off my chest. I’m currently the office manager for a vet clinic so I have lots of strange stories like all vet professionals. Some are sort of gruesome, and if I ever make it to wanting to share those, there will definitely be a warning.

I have my own set of issues I’m working through, like everyone on the planet. Complicated love life, next to no social life, a metric crap ton of medical problems, and I’m okay with that.

One thing that makes me happy: photography. So… Be prepared for some of that. I love my dogs, and food. Food is magic. A few friends, even fewer close friends, and then the like, 2 people I actually care about.

So, as an introduction… again, not bad? I’ll leave it at that for now.

With love,